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Professional Development

Fraser Thomas incorporates a workforce of more than 50 technical staff, of which over half of these hold professional qualifications.  Directors and Management strive to support employees, both personally and professionally, through a range of Human Resource (HR) initiatives such as open-door policies, formal and informal meetings, and organised social functions to assist in areas of well-being and development.

Fraser Thomas has been a Professional Development Partner (PDP) of IPENZ since 2009. We have an effective, proven mentoring programme in place that encourages and supports Engineers to reach their professional development goals. This programme includes the following:

  • Monthly in-house seminars
  • Providing staff with opportunities to take part in external seminars, conferences and training courses
  • Encouraging staff to undertake post-graduate study, including the provision of financial support
  • Regular team and project related meetings
  • Junior and intermediate staff (“mentees”) being linked to senior staff (mentors), who meet regularly to chart and discuss progress towards the mentee’s professional development goals
  • Mock interviews to mimic professional interviews.

We have high ratios of Chartered to graduate Engineers, making this process work. Surveyors working within the company are also incorporated within this programme to enable them to broaden their skills and achieve their professional goals.


Fraser Thomas runs a ‘First Look’ scholarship programme that provides financial support to university students studying engineering at Auckland University or surveying at Otago University. This includes offering scholars practical work experience during university holidays at one of our offices, with a view to future full-time employment. The ‘First Look’ Scholarship programme has been in place since 2002.

For information on applying for this scholarship, refer to the University of Auckland Website http://www.auckland.ac.nz/uoa/cs-scholarships-and-awards

Fraser Thomas’ contribution to engineering education at the University of Auckland was formally recognised in 2014 through becoming a member of The Sir Douglas Robb Society, which recognises donors that have given a total of between $100,000 and $1 million to the University.





Fraser Thomas are committed to providing and maintaining a high level of Health and Safety (H&S) for employees and visitors within the workplace. The company has an active Health & Safety (H&S) programme which covers all aspects of H&S Management, including:

  • Policies & Auditing Procedures
  • Training & Supervision
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Management
  • Accident Reporting & Analysis.

Fraser Thomas encourages active participation in H&S by all employees in both on-site and in office environments.


Our Head Office is in Highbrook, Auckland
We also have two other office in NZ

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