Peer Review & Expert Witness

With 11 Chartered Professional Engineers working for us across all our engineering disciplines, and three licensed surveyors, we are able to complete peer review and provide expert witness.

  • Peer reviews of others’ work
  • Provide expert witness in resource consent and Environment Court hearings
  • Provide expert witness in legal proceedings, whether it be mediation, arbitration or litigation
  • Provide independent advice in contractual disputes
  • Determination Referee services for the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE).

We abide by strict ethical and professional standards in such work.

We have a strong track record of being able to digest and analyse large volumes of technical documentation, extracting the key issues of concern; comparing these with relevant statutory and contractual requirements and technical standards/guidelines and reporting on the same in a concise but comprehensive manner.

We have provided expert witness services in both New Zealand and overseas in South-east Asia and the Pacific.

We have a reputation for innovation and excellence and will work with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless process

Civil, Environmental, Geotechnical & Structural Engineering Consultants


Licensed Professional Surveyors, and Land Development experts


Specialists in Resource Management and Consenting

Resource Management

Certified Environmental Practitioner in Contaminated Land with over 15 years experience.

Contaminated Land


Our Head Office is in Highbrook, Auckland
We also have two other office in NZ

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