Industrial Sites Environmental & Stormwater Management

Fraser Thomas has extensive experience in all aspects of industrial site environmental and stormwater management, consenting and environmental compliance for small to large, moderate to high risk sites throughout New Zealand. We have a sound understanding of the relevant local, regional and national regulations and can get your project through the consenting process and across the starting line.  We can then support you with ongoing environmental monitoring and compliance reporting services, as required.  Our skills are recognised through a range of services, including:

Environmental Management Plans & Spill Response Plans:

We routinely develop comprehensive but practical Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) which set out structural and procedural environmental controls for each site, including a Spill Response Plan, with the aim of minimising adverse environmental effects from site operations.

ITP (Industrial & Trade Process) Consent Applications, Consultation and Assessments of Environmental Effects:AMI Quote

We have successfully managed ITP consenting, stakeholder consultation and Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEEs) for a number of sites
throughout the country. ITP issues centre on the discharge of contaminants in stormwater from high risk sites, classified on the basis of activity type (e.g. vehicle dismantling, scrap metal recycling, waste processing, metal plating/polishing, timber treatment) and area.

Stormwater Drainage and Treatment:

We have considerable experience in the design, installation and operation of stormwater drainage and treatment systems for a range of industrial sites, this being a key part of many ITP consents. Selection and design of the most appropriate treatment device involves many factors, including fitting in with existing infrastructure, depth constraints, clashes with other services, conflicts with other site development works, and targeting the primary contaminants of concern.

Environmental Compliance:

Regional councils are becoming increasingly strict on activities that have potential to pollute streams and harbours within their boundaries. There are a wide range of contaminants of concern including hydrocarbons, heavy metals, sediments and high chemical & biochemical oxygen demand substances. We have developed monitoring plans for many ITP sites and are actively involved in stormwater, groundwater and trade waste quality sampling, compliance monitoring and reporting back to Council on multiple ITP sites.

Projects carried out in this area include:

  • scrap metal processing & recycling sites
  • septic and grease trap waste processing sites
  • road sweepings & catchpit processing sites
  • drum reconditioning/recycling
  • vehicle dismantling & storage sites
  • large scale industrial sites
  • food processing sites
  • refuse transfer stations.

Expertise provided:

  • Survey
  • Environmental
  • Resource management planning

Project cycle:

  • Investigations
  • Preliminary design
  • Consenting, consultation and AEEs
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Detailed design, tendering and construction observation (stormwater treatment)
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting