Fraser Thomas has been working in the environmental sector in New Zealand and overseas for over 30 years, spanning a large variety of projects with a particular focus on water, stormwater, wastewater, waste and contaminated land.
Our environmental work covers public, private and corporate clients, as well as governmental and aid agencies.  We have a reputation for Quality, Experience and Delivery (QED!), applying appropriate technology to different contexts, bringing an innovative approach to environmentally sensitive problems and for showing cultural sensitivity in consulting with Iwi and other cultures.  At a personal level, we care about protecting and enhancing the environment, during our lifetimes and for future generations.

The Three Waters
We have extensive experience in the provision of water, wastewater and stormwater management services.  With a long history of successful projects ranging from individual sites to small towns, we offer specialist consultancy services through highly qualified and experienced staff.  Effective and sound leadership has allowed us to build up a strong team who work both locally and internationally throughout the Asia Pacific Region on a wide assortment of infrastructure and development projects.

Services offered across the Water category include:

  • Investigations, preliminary design, consultation and resource consenting
  • Detailed design, tendering, construction observation and certification
  • RMA/Environment Court work and expert evidence.
  • Fraser Thomas Water services include rainwater harvesting, water supply and treatment, water reticulation, pumping and network modelling, groundwater takes and bore pumping systems.

  • Fraser Thomas services for on-site wastewater system design, consenting and certification including cost effective upgrades of existing wastewater systems – you may not need a new system!

    We also do sewage feasibility studies, wastewater treatment and land disposal, wast...

  • Fraser Thomas Water stormwater services include Integrated catchment management planning.

    Our expertise also covers low impact, appropriate technology, stormwater solutions, Water sensitive design, Stormwater reticulation, treatment and disposal, Watercourse infrastructur...

  • Fraser Thomas has a wealth of experience in solid waste management (SWM), having provided a wide range of services to the industry over many years, both within NZ and overseas.

    Our landfill experience is recognised both nationally and internationally, with Fraser Thomas pr...

  • “Contaminated land” is land that contains hazardous substances (contaminants) in soil at elevated levels that can have significant adverse effects on human health and the environment.   

    Contaminated land needs to be managed or remediated to protect people and the en...

  • Fraser Thomas have trained staff to undertake domestic and commercial building surveys for asbestos under the new Asbestos Regulations 2016.

    These staff have recently attended a rigorous four day course entitled “BOHS-IP402 Survey and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in...


Our Head Office is in Highbrook, Auckland
We also have two other office in NZ

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