Solid Waste

Fraser Thomas has a wealth of experience in solid waste management (SWM), having provided a wide range of services to the industry over many years, both within NZ and overseas.

Our landfill experience is recognised both nationally and internationally, with Fraser Thomas providing engineering services to three major regional landfills within New Zealand.

Services offered include:

  • SWM awareness-raising and education programmes.
  • Integrated SWM Planning: baseline surveys; technical, economic, environmental and social analysis; community consultation; strategy and action plan development.
  • Composting Facilities, Refuse Transfer Stations, Resource Recovery Centres, Cleanfills and Landfills:

– Site investigations (survey, geotech, environmental), concept and preliminary design
– Resource consent applications,  assessment of environmental effects  and consultation
– Providing expert witnesses and technical evidence at resource consent hearings
– Detailed design, tendering, construction observation and certification
– Facility management plans, capital and operating expenditure cost estimates
– Operational advice and remedial works implementation
– Peer review.

  • Landfill leachate, stormwater and gas management.


Our Head Office is in Highbrook, Auckland
We also have two other office in NZ

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