Flood Reports

As part of rolling out the Auckland Unitary Plan (notified September 2013), Auckland Council has made available online maps (www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz) to identify areas prone to flooding within the Auckland Region. On these maps you can see whether your property is affected by overland flowpaths or flooding. Many of these maps are based on a rapid flood hazard assessment approach and are generally conservative in nature.

Council may require you to undertake a flood assessment if you wish to develop your property and if your property is located within one of these flood hazard areas, or you may like to assess the risk of flooding to existing buildings on your property for your own peace of mind.

We have undertaken numerous flood assessments for private properties for these reasons. These assessments range from relatively simple projects (e.g. site inspection, runoff calculations and short letter report) to more sophisticated work (e.g. catchment management plan review, flood modelling), depending on the nature of the flood hazard.

Examples of the company’s areas of activity include:

  • Sub-soil investigation and analysis for residential, commercial, industrial and multi-storey building foundations and site development
  • Pile load parameters and performance prediction (new and existing)
  • Foundation performance analyses on highly compressible ground, including deep peat swamps
  • Performance prediction of major facilities ranging from large diameter oil storage tanks to multi-storey buildings on variable foundation conditions
  • Geotechnical/geological aspects of landfill and waste disposal systems
  • Slope stability; investigation, analysis and design of remedial works


  • Rock slope stability investigation and rock bolting design
  • Temporary support design for deep excavations
  • Excavatability investigation and analyses
  • High and complex retaining wall design
  • Ground anchor and tie back design
  • Liquefaction investigation and analyses
  • Quarry site investigation and management plan development
  • Forensic engineering investigations
  • Peer Review in relation to ground water dewatering for large scale developments
  • Providing expert evidence.


We are a member of the New Zealand Geotechnical Society.

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