Fraser Thomas – Level 3 Operations

Fraser Thomas – Level 3 Operations

Field/site work to resume under COVID-19 Alert Level 3

Now that New Zealand has moved to COVID-19 Alert Level 3, we are letting you know what this means for our business and your projects.

As preparation for COVID-19 Alert Level 3, we developed a COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Operations Policy last week that sets out stringent protocols for all field investigations and site work to comply with government recommendations. It also addresses safe working practices within our offices and very strict hygiene protocols for staff that need to be there to do their work. This policy was reviewed and signed off by all directors.

From today, we are resuming field investigations and site work if they comply with the requirements for physical distancing and are within the regions in which our offices are based. This means we can progress many projects by conducting much of our field work such as site investigations, topographical surveys, geotechnical and contaminated land investigations and construction monitoring, that is essential to the construction sector.

If you have any questions about your projects please contact us via cellphone or email address in the table outlined below, or if your inquiry is of a general nature, please email us at

Thinking about progressing that project you’ve been wanting to ‘get on to’?

We have also decided to extend our offer for a FREE 30 minute consultation during Covid-19 Level 3. So please contact us now if you are looking to progress that project you’ve now got time to think about. This will include some initial research of relevant material, where required, and a follow up phone/video conference call.

Simply email with your query or request, including supporting information (site address, proposed development sketch plans or word description, what you want to know) and we’ll put you in touch with an experienced Engineer or Surveyor who will arrange a suitable time to talk to you about your project.