Aria Bay Retirement Village

Fraser Thomas was involved in the geotechnical aspects of the Aria Bay retirement village project in Browns Bay.

The project involved the construction of a four storey precast concrete building built into a moderately steep slope with deep piled foundations and solid pile retaining walls.

Fraser Thomas conducted a geotechnical investigation comprising machine and hand augered boreholes to ascertain foundation parameters and assess the slope stability of the proposed slope profiles. Groundwater seepage modelling was also undertaken to assess the effect of the deep excavations on existing buildings on neighbouring properties.

Site inspections during construction were carried out to confirm the assumed soil parameters as well as input into the construction methodology.

Fraser Thomas were also asked to peer review the stormwater system design, which involved partial piping of overland flows through the site, supplemented by an overland flowpath. Some significant differences were identified between the stormwater design submitted for engineering approval and the concept design shown in the consented design plans, as well as a number of calculation/design issues.

Services provided:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Project cycle:

  • Investigations
  • Construction observation
  • Design
  • Peer review