Colin Dale Park – Motorsport Development, Puhinui

Development of Colin Dale Park as a world class Motorsports Venue in Prices Road, Puhinui, to provide for a range of motorsport activities operated by different User Groups including BMX, radio controlled miniature cars, Motocross, off-road racing, go-karts and small jet boats. 

Key features of site development include:

  • Demolition and removal of the existing house, farm buildings and associated site infrastructure
  • Approximately 216,000m3 of cut-fill earthworks over a 31.4ha area, with no significant net import/export of fill material expected
  • Formation of development platforms for each User Group, access roading, carparking, temporary sediment ponds and permanent stormwater wetlands
  • Capping of an old landfill located within the development area
  • Capping of an existing groundwater bore and provision of a new water supply bore
  • On-site wastewater treatment and land disposal
  • Treatment and extended detention of stormwater runoff from carparking, access road and user group facilities using a combination of swales, wetlands and the Jet Sprint pond
  • Removal of over 80 exotic trees and extensive landscaping, both within the park and along adjacent riparian areas.

Previous work undertaken by other consultants had resulted in the development of a Master Plan and consenting of Stage 1 earthworks.  Fraser Thomas were then engaged by Council as Lead Consultant to develop this Master Plan further and obtain the following additional consents/approvals:

  • Manager’s approval for changes to the approved “Stage 1” Earthworks consent
  • Additional earthworks consent for Stage 2 on the western part of the site
  • Land Use Consent for motorsport activities and for the formation of access roading, carparking, drainage and services installation, access road/carpark lighting, the National Environmental Standard (contaminated soil) (NESCS) relating to land disturbance works on the closed landfill within the site, landscaping and planting within the riparian margin
  • Regional consents for stormwater discharge, land disturbance on a closed landfill, groundwater take for a new bore water supply and on-site wastewater disposal.

For this purpose, we prepared specialist reports including Geotechnical Investigations, Erosion and Sediment Control, Stormwater Management, Water Take, Wastewater Discharge and managed sub-consultant inputs including Archaeology, Arborist, Traffic, Noise, Power Supply/Lighting, Planning and Landscaping, with these inputs being integrated into an overall Engineering Report and AEE and updated Masterplan and Landscaping Design plans.  We also undertook extensive consultation with all User Groups, Auckland Council (Consents), New Zealand Transport Agency, Auckland Motorway Alliance, Watercare, Vector, Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board and Iwi (Ngati Te Ata and Te Akitai Waiohua).  All consents and other approvals were granted in December 2014.

We also undertook detailed design and were extensively involved in the tender process, including a major rescoping of the project in response to budget cuts.  The contract was awarded in January 2015 and construction works commenced in February 2015 and are well in progress.

Services provided:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Resource Management
  • Contaminated Land

Project Cycle:

  • Investigations
  • Master planning
  • Preliminary design
  • Consenting
  • Detailed design
  • Tendering
  • Construction observation (in progress)