Colin Dale Park Motorsport Development – Water Supply

Auckland Council are currently developing the Colin Dale Park (CDP) as a Motorsports Venue in Prices Road, Puhinui.

The Park will create a world class facility, providing for a range of motorsport activities including BMX, radio controlled miniature cars, Motocross, off-road racing, go-karts and small jet boats in an artificial “Jet Sprint” pond.  All these groups (except Jet Sprint) use large quantities of water for dust control and track wetting.

The CDP site is located outside the Auckland Council Rural Urban Boundary and is not provided with a public water supply connection.  An existing on-site farm bore is old (circa 1970’s) and is to be abandoned as part of the development.

Water supply for the Colin Dale Park will be provided instead by a proposed new groundwater bore that will extract water from a depth of 200-250m into the deep underlying Sandstone Waitemata aquifer (available volume = 660,000m3/year).  Based on a desktop study, site investigations and consulting with Auckland Council’s Groundwater Team, it is anticipated such a bore can produce high quality water with a good yield.

This bore will supply groundwater for both potable and non-potable use, except that the Jet Sprint pond water demand will be met by collection of stormwater runoff from its contributing catchment (carpark and accessway), while the Kartsport non-potable water demand will be met by rainwater harvesting from its facilities.

The estimated annual water demand is 10,500m3/year, with an estimated peak daily demand of 155m3/d at a pump rate of some 11m3/h.  A groundwater take of 12,600m3/year, allowing for 20% contingency, with no change in the peak daily demand was applied for and granted.

Water will be distributed around the site by a conventional reticulation network, with most user groups having their own water storage tanks to satisfy their peak demands and to reduce overall peak water demand.

Separate fire fighting storage of 45m3 or 180m3 will be provided for a shared clubroom buildings. Water supply storage and reticulation requirements were sized using EPAnet software.

Services provided:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Resource Management

Project cycle:

  • Investigations
  • Water Supply Options Feasibility Study
  • Water supply modelling
  • Preliminary design (preferred option) and costings
  • Resource consenting