Contamination Site Remediation Norana Ave

A former horticultural site on the southern side of the Manukau Harbour that was investigated for contamination then remediated as per local, regional, and national guidelines.

Contamination Site Remediation – Norana Ave

Fraser Thomas managed the consent application process and supervised the remedial works contract of a former horticultural site on the southern side of the Manukau Harbour that was investigated, remediated and validated in accordance with relevant local, regional and national guidelines.

Site investigations found the following issues:

  • Arsenic and Lead contamination hotspots
  • Minor DDT contamination across the site, below human health guidelines
  • Asbestos fragments in imported stockpiles
  • Concrete and car tyres

The site also contained stockpiles of soil and demolition material, including asbestos, from another former horticulture site, which was illegally dumped on the site by a previous developer.

Stockpiled material was separated based on contaminant concentration and presence of asbestos fragments to minimise disposal costs to managed fill and landfill. Concrete and tyres were also removed for separate disposal.

A site validation report was submitted to Council confirming that the site was suitable for the proposed development. Civil works and building construction have since been completed.

Services Provided:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Resource Management
  • Contaminated Land


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