Geotechnical Assessments of Sites Affected by the Canterbury Sequence of Earthquakes

Fraser Thomas have been involved in undertaking geotechnical investigations and appraisals for properties in Christchurch, following the Canterbury sequence of earthquakes.

The geotechnical work has generally involved the following:

  • Assistance with the Earthquake Commission’s (EQC) geotechnical investigations of residential properties in TC3 zoned land including marking out CPT and drill-hole locations and supervision of the CPT and drill-rigs.
  • Geotechnical investigation and appraisal works of residential sites for insurance assessment purposes and for the purposes of determining an appropriate “repair strategy” for the property.
  • Liquefaction potential and lateral ground spread assessments for commercial and residential properties
  • Forensic engineering investigations, appraisals and slope stability assessments for properties in the “Hills”
  • Geotechnical investigation and appraisal works in support of building consent applications for proposed new residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Assessment and appraisal of geotechnical hazards affecting potential subdivision sites, in support of applications for subdivision consent
  • Assessment of the risk of sites being adversely affected by liquefaction induced ground spread in response to a future large earthquake event
  • Provision of geotechnical expert evidence as part of court/mediation proceedings
  • Provision of geotechnical peer review services for Hurunui District Council
  • Detailed design and supervision of ground remediation works for sites that could potentially be affected by significant ground deformation associated with liquefaction in response to a future large earthquake event.

Services provided:

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Peer Review and Expert Witness

Project cycle:

  • Investigations and appraisal
  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • Construction observation