Port Vila Integrated Urban Improvements Project: A project planning and design consultancy

Port Vila, which began life as an administrative centre for the plantation industry, has had a surge in construction, development and expansion over the last few decades as it has transformed into an economic hub and modern capital. Unfortunately, colonial administrations, governments and development agencies have left out some of the basic infrastructure, and planning has been a bit haphazard. Roads, drains, wharfs and a foreshore promenade have all been improved in recent years but not a sewage system. The other major concern is the nation’s vulnerability to natural hazards, cyclones and tsunamis in particular. We have been engaged to assist with the development of an urban development strategy, investment planning and capacity development planning, and engineering for the sewage network and wastewater treatment plant. The strategy and planning work, which has been developed through discussion the government entities, businesses and community groups, will guide investment by the ADB and other sources toward moving Port Vila forward to becoming a climate resilient, safe and vibrant economic hub. Our work concludes with the preparation of a major project covering priority investments in line with the strategy and plan for financing by ADB, the Global Environment Fund and other agencies.