Private Wastewater Pump Station

This project involved two adjacent residential lots. The client wanted to keep the existing front dwelling and subdivide the rest of the site, building five new houses on it.  The site is located in an area with wastewater pipe capacity constraints; therefore, we had to investigate temporary storage of wastewater and pumping at night into the wastewater network.  This involved two stages of work:

  1. Preliminary design to gain conditional approval from Council & Watercare: Calculate wastewater flow and storage volume requirements; Pump station preliminary design, preliminary pump selection, configuration and storage; Compile design information, provide outline drawings and liaise with Council & Watercare to obtain approval in principle.
  1. Detailed design to gain approval from Council & Watercare: Wastewater design report and detailed design of pump station, storage tank and preparation of engineering plans and long-section of rising main to connection to wastewater reticulation. Submit and obtain Council & Watercare approval. Architectural design drawings created by Design & Development Consultants Ltd (DDC).

Services provided:

  • Environmental Engineering

Project cycle:

  • Investigations
  • Preliminary design
  • Consenting
  • Detailed design