Waste Management in Kiribati

Fraser Thomas have been engaged variously by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) and the New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAP) to provide planning, engineering and high level policy advice for solid and liquid waste management in Kirikati.

The republic of Kiribati is a nation comprising many islands, spread out over a vast area of ocean. They are all low lying atolls and these are vulnerable to increasing levels of pollution and deteriorating living environments as population density increases, and waste builds up. Space for landfills is limited, vital freshwater lenses become polluted, illegal dumping takes place, and removing and treating human and animal waste is a particular challenge. The main assignments were:

  • National Sanitation policy development (commissioned by SOPAC in 2009). A high level assignment to facilitate discussion and develop an agreed national sanitation policy, which also extended to the development of policies for solid waste, including abandoned vehicles
  • Solid Waste Management Plans for South Tarawa and Kiritimati islands (commissioned by the NZAP, intermittently since 2010). The plans covered organizational as well as technical aspects and our teams worked directly with local Councils in their development
  • South Tarawa Sanitation Improvement Sector Project (ADB, 2011/2). A major multidisciplinary assignment to develop a package of improvements to sewerage reticulation and disposal in three urban areas and interurban areas, an awareness raising and public education programme and institutional support. This included detailed engineering studies for the construction of major outfalls, to take waste safely to the ocean receiving environment
  • Recently, Fraser Thomas have been engaged by a neighbouring firm Vinstar Ltd, on contract to the ADB, to provide further services to help develop capacities for waste management into the future.

This project involved:

  • Sanitation policy advice, Sanitation engineering
  • Water supply engineering (groundwater and salt water reverse osmosis)
  • Public utility sector institutional analysis
  • Project design
  • Social analysis, consultation and public awareness raising programme design
  • Environmental assessment (marine)
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Land use planning

Services provided:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • International

Project cycle:

  • Project concept development
  • Options analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Environmental and social safeguards
  • Preparation of project documents for international financing