Water Supply Network Improvements – Apia, Samoa

Fraser Thomas were selected by the Samoa Water Authority to provide services for the development of a 20 year upgrade programme for bulk meters and valves on the Alaoa and Fuluasou network which serves the main city of Apia.

Initial inspections found that many present day difficulties of intermittent supply, low or excessively high pressures, excessive non-revenue water losses and unclear definition of pressure zones related to issues of lack of maintenance, service life, type, size, durability and spares availability of assets installed in the past under several different projects, and there is a need for uniformity of control valves across the entire network.

The next phase comprised running the EPAnet water supply network model for the Apia Master Plan to check pressure and flows through PRV and Bulk Water Meter locations, as well as carry out checks on design proposals.

Site inspections and meetings were undertaken with SWA managers, engineers, maintenance staff and operators in Apia to discuss and confirm the designs, followed by preparation of a formal design report.

Services provided:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Resource Management
  • International

Project cycle:

  • Inception report
  • Water supply network modelling
  • Options analysis
  • Preliminary design and capital and operating cost analysis
  • Site Investigations
  • Design report