Our People

Fraser Thomas’ team includes thirteen Chartered Professional Engineers, two of whom are Fellows of Engineering New Zealand.

Our People

We have thirteen CPEng engineers and five licensed surveyors, your assurance that our staff are well qualified and experienced. Also as Members of Engineering New Zealand, ACE (Association of Consultants and Engineers) and Survey and Spatial NZ, we abide by high professional and ethical standards. Fraser Thomas employs a strong team structure led by a company director in each discipline. Combined with a high degree of interaction between teams, this enables us to offer a comprehensive and integrated range of services for a wide variety of projects, including land development, residential, commercial and industrial developments, parks/sportsfields and landfills. We have strong links with other companies offering complementary disciplines such as planners, architects, landscape architects, arborists, traffic, lighting, electrical engineers etc.

Our team is headed by Greg Maddren, a highly qualified Civil & Environmental Engineer with over 30 years of hands-on experience. Greg is supported by a strong team of discipline based Directors, Associates and Principals.


Ten highly qualified and experienced engineers and surveyors manage the Fraser Thomas Group

Greg Maddren



With over 37 years engineering experience, Greg leads the Fraser Thomas Group, while specialising in:

  • Civil Engineering 
  • Water supply & wastewater
  • Developing country water and sanitation
  • Sewerage pump station and rising main design
  • On-site effluent disposal system
  • Stormwater management on industrial sites
  • Complex industrial and commercial projects.

Gary Blyth


Gary is a Registered Professional and Licensed Surveyor with over 38 years experience.  He manages the Company’s Land Development and Surveying Teams and is responsible for marketing, securing and completion of the projects.  Gary supports the wider Fraser Thomas Group in the capacity of Company Secretary, as well as providing survey clients with his technical expertise in:

  • Cadastral, topographical and engineering surveying
  • Feasibility assessment for land development
  • Preparation of Resource Consent Applications
  • Consultation and liaison with affected parties
  • Project management.
  • Land development
  • As built engineering surveys 
  • Due-diligence assessments

Stephen Eagle


33+ years experience in development projects.  Stephen’s work environment incorporates a worldwide focus, including, but not exclusively encompassing:
  • Environmental assessment and management planning
  • Multidisciplinary team management
  • Socio-economic assessment
  • Advanced editing/report writing
  • Project design
  • Natural resource management.
  • Community & village based forestry, technical advice
  • Participatory land management planning 

Dr Sean Finnigan


With over 26 years experience and a doctorate in the Environmental Engineering field, Sean is renowned for his expertise in:

  • Stormwater/ leachate managementon operation & closed landfills
  • Contaminated land
  • Solid waste management
  • Sportsfields/recreational facilities
  • Wastewater
  • Water supply
  • Urban infrastructure improvement
  • Expert witness
  • Consenting
  • Stormwater management & modelling 

Ben Holliss


Ben is a highly competent and versatile structural engineer with over 14 years experience.  He has expertise in the structural design and supervision of residential, industrial, and commercial projects.  These include, water retaining and soil retaining structures, investigation and assessment of damaged commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Ben also specialises in the following:

  • Assessment of the seismic performance & rating of existing building structures
  • Design and specification of emergency securing works for Earthquake and impact damaged buildings
  • Design of commercial, industrial and residential buildings
  • Design and ground and water retaining structures
  • Foundations in expansive soils
  • Contract administration to NZS3910
  • Structural damage assessment and remedial design.
  • Investigation & assessment of existing buildings for structural damage & design of temporary securing works, reinstatement & strengthening 

Richard McLean


35+ years experience with Fraser Thomas in the Civil Engineering field, in medium to large scale specialised development projects.  Richard specialises in:

  • Civil engineering project management
  • Solid waste facilities & sanitary landfills 
  • Contract administration, supervision and quality assurance
  • Stormwater quality and quantity management, hydrological evaluation and hydraulic modelling.
  • Road & pavement designs 
  • Wastewater & water reticulation 
  • Earthworks & sediment control 
  • Rural, Residential and Commercial subdivisions 
  • Civil CAD computer design and earthworks modelling.
  • Grand Prix race Circuit and facilities 

Kane Miller


With over 16 years experience in structural design and specialist construction methods, Kane is responsible for leading, supporting and directing our Structural Engineering team.  Having worked both as a consultant and a design & build contractor, Kane’s specific areas of expertise are:

  • Building / civil / industrial / marine infrastructure
  • Assessment and strengthening of EQ prone buildings
  • Architecturally designed residential and commercial buildings
  • Structural alterations to existing structures
  • Providing design and constructability advice
  • Design and project management
  • Temporary works design and construction methods
  • Base isolation and base isolation retrofit
  • Expert witness (structural engineering)
  • Forensic engineering

Mason Reed



Responsible for managing the Christchurch branch and all our South Island geotechnical work. Mason is a specialist chartered professional (CPEng) geotechnical engineer with over 25 years experience.  His areas of expertise include:

  • Staff & Project management 
  • Engineering geology
  • Foundation appraisals
  • Liquefaction & Lateral spread assessments 
  • Forensic engineering assessments
  • Slope stability assessments
  • Geotechnical hazard assessments
  • Investigations for residential and commercial developments
  • Large & small scale subdivisions 
  • Investigations for sewage tank and pump station developments

Martin Webb


With 36 years experience, Martin is a leader in the field of structural design and supervision, including residential, industrial and commercial projects.  More recently, Martin has dedicated a vast portion of his time to the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery, working with EQC and local agencies to support the rebuild of the quake damaged region.  Martin is recognised for his work in:

  • Project Team Leader and project engineering
  • Structural design of commercial, industrial & residential buildings
  • Contract administration of commercial and industrial projects
  • Investigation and forensic reporting
  • Structural engineering design of site-works 

Paul Wilson


With 30 years experience, Paul leads Barry Satchell Consultants (BSCL) whose team complete a large variety of residential and commercial infill re-developments requiring solutions to a complex range of issues.  Paul undertakes concepts development, design and construction management of Public and Private infrastructure for Land development projects and brings a unique set of skills to our clients’ projects due to experience as a Developer, Contractor and Consultant which is of great value in creating solutions.  Paul is responsible for BSCL Engineering Survey team who provide Construction setout, as builts, monitoring and 3D scanning of very large, complex commercial building projects on some of Auckland’s most iconic projects.

  • Feasibility assessment and recommendations
  • Civil engineering design and project management for land development
  • Stormwater design and management
  • Consultation and resource consent preparation
  • Contract management, monitoring, engineer to contract
  • Specialist expertise in pavement engineering and roading design and construction

Fraser Thomas’ Principals are recognised by the industry as experts within their fields

Barry Brown

Barry is a recognised expert in the field of Structural Engineer, with over 40 years experience.  Barry specialises in design of buildings and industrial structures in earthquake prone areas, for developers, architects and/or institutional clients, as well as:

  • Buildings, industrial, and special structures
  • Regulatory compliance of buildings in terms of performance-based building standards
  • Building control systems and applications to specific projects
  • Earthquake engineering and seismic performance
  • Civil engineering structures, e.g. detailed design on bridge projects, wharves, and marine structures
  • Management of multi-discipline projects
John Howse

John Howse

John is a public management and utility infrastructure specialist with over 57 years experience gained in government, territorial government and the private sector, and since 1988, in specialist consultancy in New Zealand and internationally. He has a rare blend of technical, managerial and Institutional capabilities, including:

  • Project management/team leader of multi-disciplinary international development and infrastructure projects for governments, aid agencies, Asian Development Bank and World Bank, etc.
  • Strategic, conceptual and detailed design of water supply and distribution systems and wastewater systems
  • Urban and rural development
  • Asset management

Pat Shorten

Over 46 years of experience in the geotechnical field, Pat has specialist experience with litigation support and provision of expert evidence for hearings in the High Court, the Environment Court, and mediations, arbitrations, adjudications and Council committee hearings.  He has a sound background in geotechnical investigations and appraisal, multi-storey building developments, with particular experience in determining the settlement effects of deep excavations and dewatering on neighbouring properties, as well as:

  • Foundation engineering
  • Soil & rock slope stability
  • Geotechnical hazard assessments
  • Engineering geology
  • Forensic investigations
  • Investigation and appraisals for roads, landfills and quarries
  • Embankment dams

From managing the teams to intricate design work, our Associates and Managers have a wealth of experience and broad skill-sets.

David Mawhinney


David is a Senior Surveyor with over 21 years of experience in the survey industry.  In recent years, David’s primary role has been as internal project manager to multi-stage residential developments.  In the post-2010/2011 Christchurch earthquake period, David managed delivery of survey services to an insurance company which was a project of over 7 years duration and delivered thousands of various types of surveys.  This project also provided experience with litigated claims requiring expert witness services.

David’s specific areas of expertise are:

  • Residential and commercial developments
  • Urban and rural cadastral surveying
  • Earth deformation and monitoring surveys
  • Post-earthquake boundary work
  • Project and staff management
  • Small and large-scale topographical surveys

Alastair McNabb


Alastair McNabb is a highly capable chartered professional engineer of 16 years’ experience with a very strong background in water related design and project leadership, construction monitoring and contract administration; possessing the flexibility and aptitude to work both independently and collaboratively across teams throughout the complete project lifecycle from design conception and optioneering through to detailed design and defects liability. Alastair’s expertise also includes:

  • Advanced pipeline and channel hydraulics and civil/mechanical design in three waters
  • Managing multi-discipline projects, resourcing and financing
  • Monitoring and managing project risk, programme, budget and change processes
  • Administration of construction contracts NZS 3910
  • Significant construction monitoring expertise
  • Enforcement of construction contract conditions and quality requirements
  • Auditing site health, safety and environmental compliance and enact improvement 

Adam Mead


Adam is a Senior Technician Surveyor who is responsible for the day to day management and programming of the survey teams within our Highbrook Office.  He has over 29 years experience in both cadastral and engineering surveying. Adam has worked within the Auckland Region for the entirety of his career and has an extremely strong background in data collection, topographical and cadastral surveys, as well as:

  • Setting out surveys
  • Electronic data management
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Topographical surveys
  • Land transfer survey.
  • Project management
  • Quality Assurance

Son Nguyen


A highly competent civil engineer with 17 years’ experience in the civil design and construction supervision for residential, commercial and industrial land development, subdivision and municipal drainage projects.  Son’s specialist skills incorporate:

  • Flood risk assessment and design of earthworks
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Stormwater and wastewater drainage
  • Stormwater treatment and detention
  • Water supply reticulation
  • Parking, access and roading

Craig Reeves


Craig is a Senior Civil Engineer with over 28 years experience within the field of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure.  His strengths include identifying and assessing any land development infrastructural constraints along with implementing project control measures such as project timelines, schedules, and risk analysis, including managing a number of medium to large civil engineering projects.  Craig’s expertise also includes:

  • Civil engineering project management
  • Contract supervision
  • 3 Water evaluation & design 
  • Hydrological evaluation and hydraulic modelling
  • Road and pavement designs
  • Wastewater and water reticulation
  • Earthworks and sediment control
  • Contract supervison 

Alistair Stuart


With 16 years experience in engineering geology and geotechnical engineering, Alistair is responsible for planning and supervision of the geotechnical team, geotechnical investigations, geotechnical and geological mapping and preparation of geotechnical factual and interpretative reporting relating to foundation considerations.  Alistair has a wide range of experience, which also includes specialist skills with:

  • Engineering geology
  • Geomorphology
  • Foundation design and inspection
  • Geotechnical design
  • Forensic investigations
  • Groundwater and slope stability analyses
  • Geotechnical assessments and project management
  • Earthworks supervision  

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