Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering team provide design, consenting and project management services and work extensively on stormwater, wastewater, flood reports, earthworks/sediment control, and roading and pavement design.

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering team provide design, consenting and project management services, and work extensively on projects involving:


Fraser Thomas stormwater services include integrated catchment management planning.

Our expertise also covers low impact, appropriate technology, stormwater solutions, water sensitive design, stormwater reticulation, treatment and disposal, watercourse infrastructure assessment surveys, flood assessments and modelling.


Fraser Thomas have specialist skills in on-site wastewater management (TP58), decentralised sewerage, system design, consenting and certification including cost effective upgrades of existing wastewater systems.


We have been at the forefront in the development of appropriate wastewater technology in New Zealand, including oxidation ponds, aerated lagoons, wetlands, irrigation of municipal effluent, milliscreens, and decentralised sewerage and are recognised for its innovation, cultural sensitivity and consultation skills in this area.

Earthworks/Erosion and Sediment Control

Any land development or construction involving earthworks (excavation, trenching, drilling etc.) or any land disturbing activities can result in the erosion of exposed surfaces and sedimentation within the receiving environment.


Fraser Thomas have experience in appropriate erosion and sediment controls (ESC) and operate and maintain ESC measures as part of any earthworks activities in compliance with the Resource Management Act 1991.

Flood Reports

As part of rolling out the Auckland Unitary Plan (notified September 2013), Auckland Council has made available online maps to identify areas prone to flooding within the Auckland Region. On these maps you can see whether your property is affected by overland flowpaths or flooding. Many of these maps are based on a rapid flood hazard assessment approach and are generally conservative in nature.

Council may require you to undertake a flood assessment if you wish to develop your property and if your property is located within one of these flood hazard areas, or you may like to assess the risk of flooding to existing buildings on your property for your own peace of mind.


We have undertaken numerous flood assessments for private properties for these reasons. These assessments range from relatively simple projects (e.g. site inspection, runoff calculations and short letter report) to more sophisticated work (e.g. catchment management plan review, flood modelling), depending on the nature of the flood hazard.

Roading and Pavement Design

Fraser Thomas have extensive experience in roading and pavement design both in New Zealand and Internationally. Our civil teams also undertake resource consenting, contract preparation and supervision.


All roading and pavement design works take into consideration:

  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Stormwater treatment and disposal
  • Retaining works investigation
  • Subgrade improvement and stability

The team at Fraser Thomas provide expert support at every stage of your project

MOTAT Carpark and Cycleway/Walkway

Fraser Thomas were selected to prepare a wide ranging sector development programme including investments in infrastructure, capacity building, research and sector governance.

Commercial/Industrial Building Design and Construction

Fraser Thomas undertakes various works for a wide range of commercial and industrial developments throughout New Zealand.

Road Rehabilitation in Kiribati

Design and supervision of the main road in South Tarawa. This involved factors such as climate change and unexploded ordnance from World War II.

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