Fraser Thomas’ Survey Team has extensive experience in a wide range of survey fields.

The Fraser Thomas team have been providing these services for over 45 years within the Auckland and Northland regions. The staff employed are highly qualified; 3 of whom are licensed surveyors, and are trained to utilise our modern equipment and computer technology to provide our clients with a high quality of service. We pride ourselves in providing a service which is completed in a timely manner and within budget to ensure that we add value to whatever project we are working on.

My Boundary redefinition was organised with Fraser Thomas Ltd.
In feedback, the communication went well throughout, including phone calls and emails. The time frame discussed suited with my schedule and it only took few days for the next available booking. Fraser Thomas Ltd showed an excellent co-ordination and time keeping within their team. The surveyor who came out to the site was no time waster. He did everything properly and in an organised manner; knew what he was doing and closed our boundary circuit within hours. They provided an excellent service with a reasonable price. I thank Gary Blyth and the team at Fraser Thomas Ltd for a hassle-free transition and a fantastic service.
Zainal Ali, Manurewa



The Survey team integrates well with the other disciplines within the company to ensure that we provide a total package of service to our clients.

Services Include:

  • Subdivision and Land Development Feasibility Assessments
  • Resource Consent Applications
  • GPS and asset management data capture
  • Building and civil construction setout
  • Boundary Pegging
  • Rentable Area measurement for lease purposes (BOMA)
  • Unit Title and Stratum estate subdivisions
  • Asbuilt engineering surveys.

A Topographical Survey is a survey of the ground levels and significant features on a site. From this field information, we produce a plan showing such things as ground levels, contours, buildings, services, legal boundaries, trees and any other features relevant to the future development of the site.

This information is used for any engineering design required and the plan forms the basis of the scheme plan showing the proposed subdivision. The scheme plan is submitted to Council as part of the resource consent application. If the project included proposed new dwellings, the topographical survey is used by the architectural designer to prepare plans.


Cadastral Surveys establish and re-establish real property boundaries. It is an important component of the legal creation of properties. Cadastral title plans show a property’s legal boundaries, area and dimensions.

The title sheet of a cadastral survey plan shows the plan deposited when the title was created. This could be a simple plan of the property’s boundaries, area and dimensions, a detailed survey plan or a combination of both.


Engineering Surveys are done after a work is completed to prove that the positions are correct, these include:

  • Drainage Setouts
  • Drainage As-Builts
  • Retaining Wall Setouts
  • Road and Driveway Setouts
  • Earthworks Cut and Fill Setouts
  • Earthworks and Quantities



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