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October 19

Fraser Thomas Selected for Cambodia Project

Fraser Thomas have been selected by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide project analysis and preparation services for a major water supply and sanitation project worth US$ 86 million. This is a reflection of the level of experience we have acquired in water supply, sanitation and municipal engineering generally in Cambodia over the last 25 years. The project comprises the rectifications and upgrading of 6 major water supply and sanitation schemes in priority provincial cities around the country. Over the years, substantial investments have been made, with a number of donors including the French government as well as the ADB and others, with some notable achievements but sanitation projects have received less attention. They have special requirements for environmental and social assessment as well as economics and engineering, requiring senior specialists with skills in these areas.

The team is led by John Howse who has led almost all of our water supply and sanitation work in Cambodia, and is well known to the senior managers of the government agencies involved. He has also worked in several of the cities and done some of the long term planning work that has led to some of the current investments being made. The work is well under way and will be completed around Easter, 2017. The selection of our team, led by John, is testimony to the depth of experience and the achievements made in Cambodia and Laos over the years.