Basic Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth, Viet Nam

The Basic Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth Project (BIIG) will invest in implementation of the northeastern provinces (NEP) and the north central coastal provinces (NCCP) subregion socio-economic development plans, under two separate project investments (BIIG 1 and BIIG 2 respectively).

The Project responds to the Government of Vietnam’s strategy of targeting poorer provinces for infrastructure development. The project has three outputs being: (i) Improved connectivity within value chains and their supporting infrastructure; (ii) Improved business development infrastructure; and (iii) Strengthened Subregional infrastructure planning and management.

Fraser Thomas are providing overall leadership of the project, and specific services in the following areas:

  • Team Leadership
  • Project Design
  • Facilitation of subproject screening, ranking and selection
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Safeguards preparation
  • Management of transport, water supply and irrigation engineering preliminary designs
  • Management of feasibility studies
  • Preparation of bid documents for road and water supply subprojects
  • Comprehensive reporting

Services provided:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • International

Project cycle:

  • Subproject selection
  • Subproject Feasibility Studies
  • Project readiness services: climate change risk management planning; procurement assistance; training; planning advice