Rural Development Programme, Myanmar

The rural road network in Myanmar is crucial to access farms, forests and the country’s many mines and for the delivery of basic services to the rural population. The rural economy suffered from underinvestment over recent decades the German Government, via its development bank KfW is devoting considerable resources to improving rural roads. Many of the existing roads were built without the required drainage infrastructure or have not been maintained within the last years. Others have to be raised on a higher level and strengthened so they cannot be eroded and washed away by rain or floods during the rainy season.

Fraser Thomas were commissioned by the KfW Development Bank to provide the services of the team leader and environment specialist, alongside a German firm and their Burmese affiliate working in southern Shan state. Our services covered project management, multidisciplinary team management, rural road engineering (design and supervision), monitoring and reporting.

The objective of the Rural Development Programme is the improved access for the rural population in the project region to schools, health centres, markets, places of employment and public administration through the sustainable utilisation of programme roads and other rural infrastructure (e.g. improving rural markets, bus stop shelters) throughout the year and improved maintenance of rural roads.

Services provided:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • International

Project cycle:

  • Technical, environmental and social surveys of candidate road
  • Ranking and selection of roads for inclusion in the programme
  • Detailed design and preparation of bid documents
  • Procurement of Works
  • Execution of the works
  • Commissioning and handover to provincial government