Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) – Contamination Issues

Asbestos is included in the Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL) under the National Environmental Standard for Contaminated Sites (NESCS) under category E1: “Asbestos products manufacture or disposal including sites with buildings containing asbestos products known to be in a deteriorated condition”.

Asbestos containing material (ACM) has been largely used in the construction industry in New Zealand from the 1940s to 1990s.  ACM is frequently found in industrial buildings, residential dwellings, commercial properties and glasshouses. Incorrect demolition of structures containing ACM can lead to soil contamination, while inappropriate disposal is another problem.

In the last three years, Fraser Thomas has carried out many environmental investigations focusing on ACM in soil and structures. These investigation involved collection of bulk/soil samples, preparation of Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) Reports, Remedial Action Plans (RAP) and preparation of Site Validation Reports (SVR).

In some cases, sufficient desktop information (e.g. building plan indicating “Super6 roofing”) can confirm whether ACM is present  in buildings or not. However collection of soil samples or bulk samples is often required to confirm the presence/absence of asbestos.

Services provided:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Contaminated Land

Project cycle:

  • Preliminary site investigations
  • Detailed site investigations
  • Risk assessments
  • Management Plans
  • Remedial Action Plans
  • Site validation reporting