Rural Infrastructure Project, Cambodia

The Rural Infrastructure Programme (RIP) is a Cambodian-German Financial Cooperation programme which has been running successfully since 2008 and continues to contribute to rural economic and social development, specifically of the poor rural population by improving all-year access to markets, schools, health centres and public services.

Fraser Thomas as Rural Road Asset Management / Pavement specialists developed a training plan with particular focus on the training needs of the government agencies and key individuals. This included:

  • Addressing existing road maintenance planning and management by the government agencies
  • Recommendations for specific capacity building of government staff including overseas and in country training/study tour options.
  • Detailed reporting of the training plan and its rationale
  • Assisting with the review of specifications for pavement design and construction and assessing the implications for future maintenance. Suggesting potential trials for alternative pavement options, other than Laterite gravel or DBST.
  • Working with the Rural Roads Department and provincial agencies for planning for and designing of training.

Services provided:

  • Civil Engineering
  • International

Project cycle:

  • Training needs assessment
  • Consultation
  • Evaluation of national and international training establishments
  • Training plan drafted and finalised
  • Support in training plan imlementation