Stormwater Improvements – Mangere


Fraser Thomas was engaged by Auckland Council to design stormwater improvements to alleviate frequent localised flooding in properties about Mountain Road and Koru Street, Mangere.

Fraser Thomas delivered an effective solution to the flooding problems that regularly affected a number of properties through designing a stormwater management system with careful consideration of the whole system.

This comprised raising road crossing and footpath levels to direct stormwater flows into catchpits with significantly increased inlet capacities through specialised catchpit selection together with reconditioning and increasing the capacities of existing rock bore soakage on Mountain Road. A key component to ratify the project was proving the success of the stormwater management improvements through exhaustive soakage testing.

“The final outcome was great and Council have had no flooding complaints from the affected Property owners. The soak holes are performing better than expected. Hope to have the opportunity of doing another challenging project together in the near future.”
– Vijay Mungro, Auckland Council

The project involved:

  • Topographical site surveys
  • Geotechnical investigations, soakage testing and reporting
  • Comprehensive stormwater management technical reporting to assess options and arrive at the best practicable option to alleviate flooding
  • Reporting to support resource consent applications and other approvals
  • Detailed design, tender specifications and construction documentation

Services provided:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Resource Management

Project cycle: 

  • Preliminary site investigations including liaison with those affected by flooding
  • Stormwater management technical reporting
  • Detailed site investigations
  • Stormwater management technical reporting to arrive at best practicable option
  • Construction observation
  • Liaison with Council and contractor